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Lucia Pietroiusti

Pietroiusti is the founder of the General Ecology project at Serpentine, London – a strategic, cross-organisational effort dedicated to the implementation of ecological principles throughout the Galleries’ public-facing programmes, internal infrastructure, and networks; and is currently developing Radical Ecology CIC (with Ashish Ghadiali) as an independent organisation, in charge of several projects including the Institute for General Ecology. Pietroiusti is the curator of Sun & Sea (Marina) by Rugile Barzdziukaite, Vaiva Grainyte and Lina Lapelyte, the Lithuanian Pavilion at the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia (and 2020-2022 international tour). She is the curator of the second edition of POWER NIGHT at E-Werk Luckenwalde, titled Being Mothers, in 2021/2022. Together with Filipa Ramos, she will be the curator of the 8th Biennale Gherdeïna, Persons Persone Personen, in May 2022.

At Serpentine, Pietroiusti is currently Strategic Consultant for Ecology, and she was Curator of General Ecology from 2018-2021. General Ecology has presented live events, radio programmes, publications as well as ongoing research projects. Pietroiusti is also a co-curator of Back to Earth – Serpentine’s 50th anniversary programme, dedicated to the environment (ongoing), which invites 65+ artists to devise environmental campaigns, prototypes or interventions in artwork form. Pietroiusti was the co-founder and co-curator of the Serpentine Podcast (since 2015, with Eva Jäger, Ben Vickers and Kay Watson) and the co-curator, with Ashish Ghadiali and Amal Khalaf, of the climate-justice gathering, Sensing the Planet (29 Oct-1 Nov 2021, Dartington Trust / Serpentine).