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Kai Reaver

Kai Reaver is an American/Norwegian dual citizen with a background from architectural design and technology research. His work concerns digital technologies’ influence upon physical space and cities. He is particularly focused on developing conceptual, practical, and regulatory frameworks for the merging of physical and digital space. He teaches experimental research courses at various schools of design around the world, on subjects ranging from art, history, and digital heritage to smart cities, virtual reality and augmented reality. Through his research company, Udaru, he advises numerous companies with novel solutions to architecture, construction, exhibitions, curation, policy, and regulation, in addition to building experimental architecture. He serves on institutional and professional boards and panels.

Before committing himself to a career as an independent practitioner, researcher and teacher, Kai gained important experience from world experts in architecture and the built environment. From 2012 to 2016 he worked in Snøhetta, which is consistently recognized as among the most innovative architecture companies in the world, while teaching in the “Studio for Space and Technique,” led by Professor Neven Fuchs-Mikac, with leading international architects, including Mark Lee, Sergison/Bates, Tony Fretton, Go Hasegawa, SO-IL, and Jun Igarashi.

In 2018, Reaver began his PhD, titled “Prototyping the Nordic Digital City: Case Studies in integrating Mixed Reality with Urban Planning.” In November 2019, Reaver was co-curator for the international conference “Digital Self-determinacy: a Nordic model for designing the digital shift.” He has authored over a dozen architectural policy documents, and held over 100 lectures on topics related to space, technology, and governance.