Av. de Chateleine 7
Architecture d’intérieur

The In-between night space

Camila is an architect trained in Chile. Before entering the Master, she worked in the area of public architecture in Santiago. In her work she tries to include social and critical issues, a mix between design and politics.

This project takes advantage of the empty plots that exist in downtown Santiago de Chile. The proposal aims to create a network of building-artifacts that work as public spaces to host the night citizens and workers. The project is a structure that celebrates the voids and supports different activities, becoming a luminous icon in the nights of Santiago.⁠ Through the use of wall stabilization structures, we propose the use of empty spaces in the city of Santiago to create different public spaces at night. The metallic structures are the support to create types of seating and public furniture but also to illuminate and activate these plots during the night.

Camila González Tapia
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Camila González Tapia final presentation

Image Credits: © HEAD-Genève, Guillaume Collignon