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Scene of Life: A spot to share contradictions

This project is an urban program designed to enhance opportunities for social interaction among people on the shores of Lake Geneva. It involves the creation of an open, temporary, modular metallic structure near the lake. The structure is complemented by two additional layers: one consisting of well-crafted, monochrome objects with diverse textures, and the other focusing on security, acting as a connecting element between the two layers. These three distinct layers coexist harmoniously, showcasing how differences can effectively work together.

The intentional contrast between these layers highlights the presence of various optional programs taking place throughout the city, which currently lack a centralized location. By providing a space that accommodates facilities for different programs, a new dimension of spatial quality emerges, offering people the opportunity to cross paths and interact with individuals they would not typically encounter.

The range of programs within this space is extensive, encompassing culinary activities, sports, playful interactions, and picturesque moments by the lake. This combination creates an inviting atmosphere that enriches the overall experience and promotes social connections.

Located in a vibrant area of the city, this project aims to address the existing contradiction by becoming a focal point for diverse activities that currently lack suitable facilities. The design places users at the forefront, with the structure serving as a supportive element for the centerpiece – the embodiment of human behavior. Through the creation of a harmonious environment, the project strives to reduce dispersion and encourage meaningful engagement among individuals.

Azadeh Djavanrouh
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Image Credits: © Azadeh Djavanrouh & HEAD-Genève, Guillaume Collignon